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MODERN NEPAL COLLEGE (MNC), affiliated to Tribhuvan University (T.U.), is committed to developing human resources essential for the country’s development by providing high quality & professionally relevant education. MNC aims to uplift the quality of education to produce skilled manpower in the country through the vision of renewed rich and experienced team of teaching faculty members and top level management professionals. It is run by an excellent team of scholars, academicians and stalwarts. It offers applied business techniques to the students with industry based practical exposures.

A team of experts is fully committed to prepare the MNC students competent enough to face the challenges of the 21st century. Quality education with the excellent educational environment is the main motto of the college. Techniques and methods adopted by some selected nationally recognized teaching staffs in a good environment have become a significant characteristics of the college.


National Awards

Only College to Win Tribhuvan University (T.U.)  Vice-Chancellor Gold Medal Award, And “26 times T.U. Board Topper”
Modern Nepal College

Best Teaching Methodology

Evidently the best management and dedicated Teaching faculties have their role to play Getting the Best Academic Results and multiple T.U. Gold medals and Awards.
Modern Nepal College

Business Courses

The College is focused solely on Business educations BBA | BBS | MBS to produce elite Results.


The mission of MNC is to establish itself as an excellent educational center and to ensure the education of international standard within the home country.


  • To provide applied management and business studies to make the students highly competent in management and business affairs in the present global context.
  • To promote high degree of self-confidence, self-dependence, moral behaviors and dedication to duty in the students behaviors and attitude.
  • To offer application and career oriented educational programs of Tribhuvan University and other Universities.
  • To develop students skill in object-oriented business administration capable of understanding and solving practical business problems.


  • A team of professionals and scholars.
  • Applied business studies with industrial visits and practices.
  • Full access to computer lab with all multimedia facilities.
  • An updated library with book bank facility.
  • Regular Class tests, assessments and term exams.
  • Scholarship and awards.
  • Internship in banks and business organizations.
  • Non-academic courses/Co-curricular activities/Training
Modern Nepal College
Modern Nepal College
Modern Nepal College
Modern Nepal College
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