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CMAT preparation and counselling Classes for MBS and BBA  Entrance examinations. Remember: Without CMAT Test  students are consider ineligible for admission procedure under any T.U. affiliated college.


CMAT (MBS Admission Test) is an Entrance Test conducted by Tribhuvan University to get admission into Master of Business Studies. Every student willing to study MBS required to appear in the Entrance Test (CMAT) conducted by Faculty of Management, TU and secure at least 40%.

✅ Form Submission Date: 20th Asar 2078 – 30th Saun 2078
✅ Form Submission Date with late fee: 31st Saun – 3rd Bhadra 2078
✅ Entrance Exam Fee: Rs.1500
✅ Entrance Exam Date: 5th Bhadra 2078 | Saturday
✅ Entrance Exam Time: 8 AM
✅ Result Publish Date: 11th Bhadra 2078
✅ Admission Last Date: 21st Bhadra 2078
✅ Class Starts from: 22nd Bhadra 2078

The curriculum of the MBS program of the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University have made the Following provisions regarding the entrance test.

  • The objective of the admission policy of the faculty of Management is to select students on a competitive base. A Student seeking admission to the MBS program should apply in the prescribed form for the admission test, within the time specified, along with a non-refundable prescribed fee.
  • Applicants will be required to sit for an admission test designed to judge their abilities and aptitude for the program.
  • Admission tests will be held in different campuses as arranged by the Faculty of Management.
  • The admission test will be held on following areas.
    • Verbal Ability
    • Quantitative Ability
    • General Awareness
    • Business Economics
  • Final Selection test will be held on the applicant’s academic records and marks obtained in the admission test.
S.N. Test Section No. Of Questions Full Marks Time allotted
1 Verbal Ability 25 25 120 Minutes
2 Quantitative Ability 25 25
3 General Awareness 25 25
4 Business & Economics 25 25
Total 4 Sections 100 100

The Entrance test carries 100 marks. The total time for the examination is 120 minutes. You have to answer 100 questions within the given time.

The Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, has the national network of constituent and affiliated campuses/colleges offering MBS, BBS, BBA with other programs. These campuses have their own standing in terms of their location, academic standards, faculty strength, library facilities etc. The office of the Dean, Faculty of Management conducts the entrance test for all the constituent and affiliated campuses.

The Candidate can directly apply to these campuses for entrance test. These tests are held on the same date and time in all the campuses. The candidates thus cannot appear for the test in more than one campus. However they can apply to more than one campus or college for admission.

The Entrance test carries 100 marks. The total time for the examination is 120 minute. You have to answer 100 questions within the given time.

It is relatively difficult to prepare this test within a limited time frame. A person learns general knowledge of various subjects at secondary and higher secondary level. Similarly a person learns the basic language and numerical skills at his or her schooling. Therefore these basic skills are the part of individual personality. Nevertheless, how to learn this knowledge and skill within a few days to get the success in the CMAT has appeared as an issue in present context. Editor presents some strategies to prepare this test within very short period of time

Following part represents a study plan in more intensive way that enables you to prepare for the entrance test.

  • Try to be familiar with the various types of questions that appear on the past entrance examination by clicking download in below tab.
  • You should not wait but must make advance preparation for the examination.
  • Entrance test measures your accuracy and speed, thus you should practice to attain the expected speed and accuracy.
  • Practice tests, model questions, and earlier examination questions are given at download tab. Practice all these being stick to time schedules specified.
  • After you complete the practice tests, model questions, and previous examination question sets, you can match your answer with the answer key provided.

You have to identify the areas in which you could not score well then strengthen your areas of weakness by going through more review materials.

The candidates should be aware of the techniques of taking entrance tests. Therefore, the success of a person depends on how he or she uses the techniques of exam preparation and appears. The candidates should therefore keep in mind the following tips for taking the entrance test.

    1. Read the instructions carefully-The candidates should not hurriedly go through the questions but read the directions or instructions given in the beginning of each section very carefully. The candidates should watch out the tricky words used in the instructions.
    2. Strategy of attempting the questions – The candidates with average intelligence can answer most of the questions. All questions should be attempted. Some of the questions may be difficult for an average student; they are designed to confuse the candidates. These questions are in the real sense, time wasters. The candidates therefore, should not spend too much time in pondering over such questions. If a student spends more time for these questions, he/she will be left with less time for the questions. Hence it is better to attempt such questions using common sense or guesses.
    3. Intelligent guessing-There is no negative marking for wrong answers. Therefore, by all means, one should go ahead and make an intelligent guess. It is always better to guess than absolutely leave the question. Wild guessing should, however, be avoided.
    4. Speed– This is the crucial element in the entrance test. Speed is the essence of this test. The student should deep this essence in mind. Higher scores can be obtained only when the student completes all the questions in the given time. For this, time planning is essential. One good way to improve is to practice the exercises and model questions provided download link below  with some record of timing.
    5. Fresh mind– The candidates should take the entrance test with fresh mind. Last minute preparations for the test are not going to help him/her in any way. There is nothing to be memorized for the entrance test.
    6. Knowing the pattern of the entrance test– The candidates should be aware with the structure of the test , the time limit, and the level of difficulty.
    7. For high scores– The candidates should not leave any questions attempted . All the questions in the entrance test are objective type with four answer choices. The candidates should read all the alternative choices and choose the best.

Download CMAT Previous Question Collection

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